Design Project I

  1. To find how people want to enjoy the experience of consuming ice cream for understanding in what quantities and in what ways it can be served alongside other desserts.
  2. To find other ice cream serving tools and machines apart from the scoop for studying the difference in how people consumed ice cream before the invention of the scoop and the inventions alongside the scoop.
  3. To find parallel products of the ice cream scoop and of the process of dispensing/ serving ice cream for getting inspiration from the similar features and characteristics of the products.
  • on a cone
  • in a cup/ bowl
  • on a stick
  • in a sundae
  • in a sandwich
  • in a taco
  • rolled (cold stone)
  • in a milkshake
  • in a cake
  • fried
  • as spaghetti
  • in a bread
  • as quenelles
  • in ice cream soda
  • in ice cream float
  • in a fruit salad
  • with brownies/ waffles/ pancakes/ tarts/ pies
  • with flavored syrups and toppings
  • as mini frozen ice-cream balls (liquid nitrogen ice cream balls)
Strawberry sauce on top (mimicking the tomato sauce) with spaghetti ice cream (mimicry pasta) drizzled with fake Parmesan (grated coconut/almonds/white chocolate)
  • Parallel products for the act of scooping (products that have similar form and function as that of the ice cream scoop)
  • How ice cream releases itself from the scoop — Parallel products (products with same mechanism as sweeper)
  • Parallel products for the act of serving (how ice cream is served)



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Shrishti Tijaria

Shrishti Tijaria

Industrial Designer, National Institute of Design, Andhra Pradesh