Design Project I

1878 Tin Ice Cream “Conical Key Scoop”
1897 Mechanical Lever-action ice cream scoop
1903 Square ice cream scoop
  • In 1903, square and rectangular scoops were designed to create the frozen portion of an ice cream sandwich.
  • Triangular scoops created a perfect shape for topping a slice of pie to be served a la mode.
1920s Oval ice cream scoop
  • In the 1920s, Gilchrist made an oval scoop that formed ice cream to fit between two bananas.
1925 Heart-shaped ice cream scoop and dish
  • In 1925, John Manos designed the heart-shaped scoops to create a small heart-shaped scoop of ice cream, which could be served in a matching heart-shaped dish.
1926 Cold Dog ice cream scoop
  • In 1926, Frederick W. Vollans patented a scoop that scooped up ice cream in the shape of a sausage to fit into a tubular wafer for what was known as a Cold Dog Ice Cream Scoop. In an age where the American hot dog was king, the Cold Dog ice cream cone became a popular treat.
Prototypes showing the evolution of Belle-V ice cream scoop
Other ice cream scoop designs



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Shrishti Tijaria

Shrishti Tijaria

Industrial Designer, National Institute of Design, Andhra Pradesh