3rd June 2020

Course: Simple Product Design

Product: Ice Cream Scoop

The first ice cream scoop was invented in 1897 by the African American businessman and inventor Alfred L.Cralle. His invention, originally called an Ice Cream Mold and Disher, was designed to be able to keep ice cream and other foods from sticking and be able to be used by one hand.

Hence, his design brief of addressing the problem of the ice cream scoop led him to his very first successful invention. Thus, the design brief is the essence of any design project. It characterises the goal of the product or the process involved.

Talking about the ice cream scoop, I ideated on various contexts and scenarios related to it and the numerous problems associated with it.

In the end, my interest flowed in two directions. I ideated about a scoop for kids and a scoop for the ice cream scoopers serving in a shop.

Design briefs:

  1. Design a scoop for kids that makes them self dependent and aids in their development process
  2. Design a scoop for the ice cream scoopers serving in the ice cream parlours for an easy and efficient give away of ice creams

Industrial Design Student, National Institute of Design, Andhra Pradesh