Design Project III

Brainstorming to find a possible direction
Why do people procrastinate?
Effects of procrastination
Effects of screen time on physical and mental health
Scenario 1 and Scenario 2
Scenario 3 and Scenario 4
Scenario 5 and Scenario 6




Active Sitting: If you can’t sit less, sit better!

Active sitting occurs when seating allows or encourages the seated occupant to be active even whilst seated. Also referred to as dynamic sitting, the concept is that flexibility and movement while sitting can be beneficial to the human body and make some seated tasks easier to perform.

Creating affordances and interactions in the environment

Think when people are coming to work and taking good care of themselves so they can be optimally productive. It’s a business strategy. When there’s a culture that provides a workplace full of joy, when people like coming to work, that’s very good for the company's health.

  • How can we make an environment that invites people to alternate physical postures and break the inactivity of sitting?
Affinity Mapping
Requirements and Interactions


Initial ideation

Concept 1
Concept 2
Concept 3
Concept 4
Concept 5
Concept 6
Concept 7
Concepts to take forward
(a) existing cycle seat forms, (b) seat with two panels exploration
Monarchy Stool by Yiannis Ghikas
Sketch model

Why is this concept better?

  • This sitting drops our knees below our hips, bringing our spine into healthy alignment- a position that helps distribute weight to our body’s lower half, engaging our core and easing the strain on our lower back.
  • It gives our thighs all support.
  • The split seat reduces painful pressure on our back and spine.
  • It improves blood circulation and balance.
  • It also provides an even load on our spine, the same as when we are standing.
  • Since it is a stool, it can also save space in the room by just sliding it under the table.


  • Because of better spinal posture, our productivity is increased with better concentration and focus, and less physical strain.


(a), (b) and (c)
(a) Half-lap Joint for rocking base, (b) Mortise & Tenon Joint for base legs



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Shrishti Tijaria

Shrishti Tijaria

Industrial Designer, National Institute of Design, Andhra Pradesh